View Full Version : Ansco Old Wooden Film Holder Question

29-Apr-2010, 14:51
I just bought a great antique Amsco 8X10 wood field camera dating back to i guess 1925 - 35 . Prob closer to 35 because the bellows are not leather but maybe leatherette? Everything moves although the bellows needs to be replaced (I'm gonna see if I can patch, although almost every corner has a leak, I figure why not try).
The quandry is:
It came with these great wooden holders that look in excelent condition. The holders have 5x7 addaptors in the middle of each holder (never seen that before. They are removable metal inlays that clip into the bed of the holder - pretty neat).
But the area for the 8X10 holder is 8inches by 10 inches. So the area is too big to fit todays 8X10 film under the lip. The area is too large by about a quarter inch. Can I addapt it somehow? Was film at one point larger? This is definately not a plate film holder it is definately build for something as thin as film to load in it.
And if I did have to buy new film holders will the standard size fit an antique Ansco?
But boy did I get a deal. Came with a 305 lense which looks clean as anything! Very excited!

Glenn Thoreson
29-Apr-2010, 19:23
Maybe your holders are for European metric size film. The modern 8X10 holders should work fine. Enjoy! :D

30-Apr-2010, 10:31
Thanks Glenn. Pretty psyched to shoot with this thing. Started patching bellows last night. Probably gonna make a cloth to cover bellows when I shoot for now till I replace them. Gonna start by trying those 5X7 addaptors in the holders. The lense looks very clean.

8-May-2010, 09:55
Maybe your holders are for European metric size film.

Closest metric size film would be 18x24cm, which is quite a bit narrower than 8x10.

Jim Noel
8-May-2010, 11:19
They are most likely glass plate holders. The insert for 5x7 is the giveaway. It has the thickness of a glass plate and raises the film up to the level required to match the focal plane. There are some 8x10 film inserts floating around out there, but may be difficult to find.
Your cheapest bet is probably to buy some film holders.