View Full Version : Which is the Best Lense for 1:1 Photos

2-Apr-2002, 10:42
especially i want to make dupes, i just bought a beseler with the possibility to make dupes up to 4x5". so for 6x7 / 6x9 / 6x12 and 4x5 it would be interesting to use my technikardan. what lense to buy and which shutter works together with it......? thanks for helping

Bob Salomon
2-Apr-2002, 11:23
120mm Apo Rodagon D in shutter.

2-Apr-2002, 12:56
I like the 120 Nikkor-AM ED. There is one for sale at Midwest Photo Exchange for $699. Call Jim at 614-261-1264. Website Mpex.com He is very helpful.

Paul Schilliger
2-Apr-2002, 13:13
For dupes it's important to have a flat field lens. Bob will probably tell us th at there is not such thing as a flat field lens and I won't question his knowledge, but the Apo-Rodagon and any good repro or enlargement lens optimized for 1:1 is probably better than a lens not optimized for flat objects reproduction.

Bob Salomon
2-Apr-2002, 14:21
The Apo Rodagon D series is a lens corrected for duplicating flat originals (film) to film or CCD

2-Apr-2002, 18:19
how much extension needs such a 240mm lense to make 1:1. will be too much for a technikardan.....isnt it? it makes around 400mm max.

2-Apr-2002, 19:55
how will be my apo-symmar 150mm work to this lenses in comparation? is there much difference in sharpness? also i own a sironar150 and a symmar210 mm in this range.....

Ole Tjugen
3-Apr-2002, 10:54
If the newer Symmars are as symmetrical as the old Symmar (no letters), they should be quite decent.

I think I would try a Zeiss Planar 135mm first, but that's just because I happen to have one :)

Dick Roadnight
3-Apr-2002, 18:41
A Sinar/Rodenstok Macro-Sinaron SE 5.6/180 would be ideal.

Bob Salomon
3-Apr-2002, 18:59
That is the Apo Macro Sironar 180mm

"Sinar/Rodenstok Macro-Sinaron SE 5.6/180"

3-Apr-2002, 19:01
I think another option is to use an enlarging lens, turned around of course. Some lenses (Schneider Componon-s 100mm possibly) fit on a Copal shutter. Other lenses may not, but if you can attach them to a lensboard then the results you get may surprise you delightfully.

3-Apr-2002, 20:40
many thanks to all of you for helping me- i really like this forum here to exchange experiences, really great help i think. i will start with the beseler with 35mm,- therefore i have a leica macro lense 60mm. should be very good i hope for the 35mm,- dont you think so? with mf and lf i will wait a little bit,- if i will have the money to follow bobs advice,- or if some lense you adviced to me will come cheap to me.....