View Full Version : Unicolor tank and 8x10 film developing

29-Apr-2010, 09:25
I will be making some 8x10 negs in the very near future and am wanting to know if I can develop one sheet of film in the same tank that I develop 4 4x5 sheets of film in?? The reason I ask is that the Uniroller tanks I have have a V channel in the middle that allows you to put either one 5x7 sheet of film in, or 2 4x5's into it with the little doohickey that keeps them seperated, and the same for the other side of the V channel.

With an 8x10 sheet, the film will bow out by the V channel, and I am wondering whether other people have had problems using these tanks for 8x10 sheet film or do they go to larger tanks? Will the V channel scratch the back of the film, will I get surge development where the V channel pushes the film out?

Andrew Tymon
29-Apr-2010, 10:12

I have never had any problem using the tanks for 8x10. Doing one sheet at a time is a bit of a drag though. I think 11x14 tanks will do two 8x10's at a time though i don't have one so I can't be sure.

ret wisner
29-Apr-2010, 10:20
it works well for 8x10 ,i use them most f the time, the film sits on top of the v groove and doesnt seem to suffer for it

29-Apr-2010, 10:23
Thanks!!! Exactly what I was hoping to hear! I have 4 of the tanks so I should be good to go for the amount of 8x10 film I am likely to shoot. I only have two film holders so thats about all I need!!