View Full Version : Wista and 120mm f8 NIkon

Paul O
29-Apr-2010, 00:32
Just wondering ... is anyone using a Nikon 120mm f8 lens on a Wista 45 DX? Wondering whether the large rear element will fit through the aperture in front standard?? TIA

Gem Singer
29-Apr-2010, 04:03
Yes, the f8 Nikon/Nikkor 120SW fits the Linhof Tech sized front opening with two, or three mm. to spare. Uses an 80mm rear lens cap.

One of my favorite lenses. Huge image circle. Easily covers 4x5 and 5x7 and barely covers 8x10.

Paul O
29-Apr-2010, 04:43
Many thnaks for this! Just bought a used 45DX as a "quickie" camera and the 120mm is one of my fave lenses too :)

Walter Calahan
29-Apr-2010, 06:43
If you have a lens too large for your front standard, you can unscrew the rear element, mount the lens board to the standard, remove the camera back, and screw in the rear element to the back of the shutter. Then reattach the camera back.

I do this with my Schneider 165 mm f/8.0 on my KB Canham light-weight 8x10 all the time.