View Full Version : Coloured Grad Filters and B&W

Lachlan 717
28-Apr-2010, 21:49
Has anyone played around with, say, a grad Red filter with B&W?

I'm interested to see the results, especially how the foreground/lower section of the image looks compared to the filtered section.

One problem with "solid" coloured filters seems to be their effect on shadow/shade rendition. Another is unwanted effect on other colours (e.g. foliage greens and contrast).

If you have mucked around with these, and you have some examples, can you please post them?


Glenn Thoreson
29-Apr-2010, 11:33
I've seen examples using a yellow grad to help with sky rendition without affecting other parts. It works very well. I don't see any reason why any of the other commonly used B&W filter colors wouldn't work as well.

evan clarke
29-Apr-2010, 11:51
I use these religiously and carry a strong red, yellow and orange soft grad filter on my belt at all time when photographing. I use them on anything with sky and they are so versatile, you can tilt them to match a roofline, for instance. With extreme filtration, it looks like a sky burn but doesn't have the same effect on artifacts protruding into the sky as a burn would have. Unfortunately, I am 100% analog and can't post anything. The filters are made by Hitech and can be had from 2filter.com, #3 red, yellow and orange...Evan Clarke