View Full Version : Seagull FB-VC Formula Change?

Kevin Crisp
28-Apr-2010, 16:23
The manufacturer claims the paper has a new warmer tone. Has anyone tried it? I liked the cold, cold tone of the "new" Seagull and how well it toned in selenium.

Scott Whitford
29-Apr-2010, 17:51

I think you're referring to the Seagull FB VC Warmtone. It was changed sometime in the last year or two to be warmer.

As far as I know, the normal VC FB paper is still neutral or slightly on the cool side.

I'm not familiar with the previous warmtone version, but I've printed through a couple of boxes of the new stuff and like the paper quite well for some subjects.

Be forewarned - the base is very warm. If you're accustomed to the clean white highlights of a paper like the now extinct Forte Poly WT, you might not like the cream-colored high values of the Seagull.


Kevin Crisp
29-Apr-2010, 18:25
Thanks Scott, I was looking at the Freestyle site and may have made that mistake.