View Full Version : Jobo CPE 2-Plus + 2551 = Chemicals?

Sean Galbraith
28-Apr-2010, 15:03
Noob question...

I now have a Jobo CPE 2-Plus and a 2551 for developing 4x5.

The question I have is... the tank says 640ml for rotation... but none of the vials for chemicals are that size. Should I not have gotten a 2551, or do I also need to get larger vials for my chemicals? (or something else entirely)

Lachlan 717
28-Apr-2010, 15:12

You've got a big tank there (12 sheet/2x6 sheet reels). So, it will take a fair whack of chemicals for it to come up to the top sheet level.

I guess that you need to consider your usage. Will you process 12 sheets at once? If so, it's a great tank for cheap processing. If not, consider the 2509n. This tank holds a single 6 sheet reel and uses 270ml. 270ml is handled by the Jobo chemical bottles (and, thus, easily kept at temp in the CPE's bath).

Sean Galbraith
28-Apr-2010, 15:15
On occasion I will be doing 12 sheets at a time, for sure.

I think you meant the 2521? The 2509 is the sheet holder I think (I have one of those).

Lachlan 717
28-Apr-2010, 15:45
I think you meant the 2521? The 2509 is the sheet holder I think (I have one of those).

Oops; the Liquified Enthusiasm (i.e. coffee) hasn't kicked in yet...

I just checked the smaller tank that I have, and it's the 2523. This is the cog version of the 2521, rather than the magnetic.

Although I have not tried it, I'm guessing that you could use even less volume of chemicals if you weren't to use the whole 6 sheet capacity as you would not need the (relative) depth of fluid to cover the film. As to how much less (and if this would lead to exhaustion of the reduced volume), I have no idea! (Refer to coffee comment...)

georg s
28-Apr-2010, 16:31
Sean, I vaguely remember using some kind of displacement-spacers (hollow black plastic donuts) in the big drum if I had to develop less then five 35mm-reels to reduce the chemical-consumption (this was in the 90s). Don't know if these „donuts“ are still available... A smaller drum (I have the magnetic 252x) is another option.