View Full Version : Lens'es to take

28-Apr-2010, 09:46
I know everybody seems to ask this question, But since I do not
do a lot of 4x5 shooting and I need to keep the weight down;
Here are my choices

Wollensak 3-1/2 extreme wide angle lens

Rodenstock Sironar 150mm F-5.6

Goerz Dble Anastigmat Series III no 1 F-2.8 in US numbers focus 6-1/2inchs

Commercial Komura 210mm F-6.3

I am packing just one bag for camera stuff which includes Dslr and 4x5 and rolleiflex
and other stuff ;
Reason for this question is I am visiting my son in Mn for a while L

Thank you all:

28-Apr-2010, 11:05
Take the Wolly for wide shots, and the 150 for sharpness. The rest you can crop for.