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28-Apr-2010, 05:04
Hi everyone,

I own since few weeks a Super Angulon 90 XL and wonder if a centerfilter is something I really have to purchase or not? If yes, where could i find this as second hand quite easily? Would anyone have some advice on that? Thanks a lot;)


Jack Dahlgren
28-Apr-2010, 06:08
How are your images coming out without the center filter? If the level of light fall-off is acceptable to you thein there is no need for a center filter. If you are finding the darkness at the corners to be a problem then consider the center filter. You get to decide what works. Many people use 90 mm lenses without center filters.

28-Apr-2010, 06:22
It also depends on your format. This lens is usable with 5x7, where you might see more vignetting than with 4x5.

I use an older 47mm/5.6 Super Angulon with 6x12 that runs right to the very edges of its coverage. The falloff is significant--maybe three stops--and it is quite visible on Velvia. But that doesn't mean it is always undesirable. I do have a center filter for that lens, however. And someday I'll replace it with an XL model so I can use it with 4x5.

I also have a 90mm/5.6 Super Angulon for 4x5 use, and have never used a center filter with it. For 4x5, one has to work hard to find the limits of coverage for the old 90/5.6, let alone the XL. It is not nearly as extreme a condition as the 47/5.6 on 6x12.

The Super Angulon design maintains a round aperture shape right to the limits of coverage, so the falloff is nearly entirely due to the cosine effect.

Rick "liking the idea of a 90 on 5x7" Denney

Steve M Hostetter
28-Apr-2010, 09:11

I have attached a pic taken with a 90mm SA XL on 5x7 cropped some off bottom

George Stewart
28-Apr-2010, 10:43
I've shot with this lens, on 4x10, for approximately 20 years. Ninety-five percent of my shooting is B&W. Only on a few images has the vignetting been noticeable. It can be seen on chromes consistently, however. I still have not purchased this filter as it would give additional problems with attaching B&W filters to the lens. If you shoot B&W, I do not think it is needed. If you shoot mostly color, than yes.