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Chauncey Walden
27-Apr-2010, 17:55
Anybody have a source?

Jim Galli
27-Apr-2010, 18:48
Xray 14X17 and a roller trimmer?

Chauncey Walden
27-Apr-2010, 21:04
Jim, it's 13x17 cm;-) - European near 5x7 equivalent. Rumored to be available in a variety of emulsions that 5x7 isn't. Maybe the little green men have some?

Donald Miller
27-Apr-2010, 21:13
Union Photomark in Milano, Italy. Be prepared to speak Italian I have yet to find and English speaking salesperson there. I noticed several emulsions (Kodak and Fuji) when I was there a couple of months ago.

Clive Gray
28-Apr-2010, 02:06
I guess you mean 13X18Cm ?

I saw this posted elsewhere and haven't brought from them myself yet but Macodirect (http://macodirect.de/index.php) List Fuji Provia F, Kodak Ektachrome E100G and Kodak Ektachrome 100 Plus in that size.

The site is in German and English just click the flag, they accept the usual cards and also Paypal

Supply and shipment terms

Shipping and Handling
The Online Shop will calculate the shipping costs by weight and will ship the goods via our forwarder.
Shipping costs will be confirmed before delivery.
Minimum order
Your order must not be less than 49.50 .
Shipment into other European countries
macodirect.de supplies films, photo papers and photo chemistry up to a total weight (incl. packing) of max. 25 Kg per carton.

I'm not sure if they will supply outside of the EU but it has to be worth contacting them.

Calumet.de (http://www.calumetphoto.de/item/FUJRDP1318/) also list Provia as does nordfoto.de (http://www.nordfoto.de/cgi-bin/nfvshop/iboshop.cgi?showd50021!0,257543921477854,ffilm397) both also accept Paypal but I've no clue if there is an English version of their pages.

Somewhere on the board I believe I've seen a discussion on how to order from Nordfoto.

28-Apr-2010, 02:37
Best regards

Michael Graves
28-Apr-2010, 04:11
Anybody have a source?

I called Freestyle and they special ordered four boxes of Foma 100 for me in 13x18. I could have also gotten Adox, but that brand required a minimum order of 10 boxes.

28-Apr-2010, 04:38
Union Photomark in Milano, Italy.

Donald, what store is that? You have an address or something? A quick search on Google didn't turn up anything, and I can't find it in the local phonebook…

Chauncey Walden
28-Apr-2010, 07:51
Thanks, guys. Yes it's 13x18 (grinning sheepishly). I found a nice holder yesterday hiding among the 5x7s in a shop.

28-Apr-2010, 08:03
Ah, 13x18 :) in that case I'd try Foma

Harlan Chapman
28-Apr-2010, 22:31
I have three 13x17 holders I adapted to 5x7 by cutting a very thin strip of developed 5x7 film and super gluing it under the one of the rails that holds the film in the holder. The strip is the length of the rail and extends enough past the rail to keep the 5x7 film from falling out of the holder. The way I set mine up I lose about 2mm of the 5x7 image that is under the film glued under the rail. But I can use 5x7 film and it sits nice and tight under the film strip glued to the rail.

Chauncey Walden
29-Apr-2010, 16:26
Hi Harlan,
I have plenty of 5x7 holders - remember Tonopah;-) What I was hoping here was to have a 13x18 holder so that I might have more choices of film.