View Full Version : Sinar and Horseman lensboard compatibility

Brian Breczinski
12-Apr-1999, 11:41
Does anyone know if the lensboards for the Horseman L-series monorail cameras ar e compatible with Sinar lensboards? How about Toyo or Wista monorail lensboards ? Note that I am talking about the big lensboards, not the ones on their field cameras. I have a camera that (supposedly) takes the Sinar lensboards and I'm l ooking for a less expensive source of adapters, etc.

Charles Matter
12-Apr-1999, 15:43

Richard Stum / Kinesis
16-Apr-1999, 00:58
I have a Sinar camera and three Sinar boards, one brand-x board and one Horseman board. They all work OK on the Sinar.