View Full Version : Graflex 5x7 Series B + Kodak 8 1/2 in anstigmat

ret wisner
27-Apr-2010, 13:26
i was hoping to hear from other members concerning this graflex.

is there any pitfalls to owning it etc

really like the idea of 5x7 shooting


Pete Roody
27-Apr-2010, 13:32
It is a horizontal only camera. It also has a small fixed lensboard and is not easily adaptable for lens swapping and it will not handle large diameter lenses. Other than that, it will work like any other Graflex slr.

Pete Roody
27-Apr-2010, 13:33
It looks like it is in really nice condition. Enjoy it!

ret wisner
27-Apr-2010, 13:40
im not sure of the value, any thoughts?

Steve M Hostetter
27-Apr-2010, 14:10
Nice camera..! This is the series B yes and it has a lot going for it.. She has her hood,handle,bellows in good condition..

I took some metal polish and brightened up the cranks on mine .. I had to replace my bellows with a scanvenged section of an old agfa camera.

I thought I might just trash the body and make one from heartwood.

You want verticals just tilt the camera on it's side.. These are fun cameras to shoot..

By the looks of it Id say she's worth 5-600.00 in good working order


Walter Calahan
27-Apr-2010, 14:51
If you hate it, you can pay me to take it off your hands. Grin.

Enjoy, there are no pitfalls.

27-Apr-2010, 17:06
Very cool cameras.....Those use (less common)Graflex film holders only. How well does the shutter work?