View Full Version : JML 209mm lens

Robert Cockrell
2-Apr-2002, 13:47
JML 209mm lens. Any one use this lens for 8 x 10. I can not find any information about it.

Best Regards, Robert

John Burnley
2-Apr-2002, 23:21
A big and heavy lens. I tested one of these briefly on a Deardorff 8x10 and it seemed to barely cover the format stopped down (f32, or so). However, I do not think one should expect great sharpness at the edges of the field. There are better alternatives out there including the Agfa Repromaster 210mm f9 that is very sharp, has a far larger image circle and is much smaller than the JML (Steve Grimes can mount in a Copal 1, albeit not inexpensively).