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26-Apr-2010, 13:51
I'm new here. HI for everybody.

My question is relative to the CZJ Tessar 4,5/18 cm lens. (#582577) that I can buy. I haven't ANY experience with the large format lenses.

So I need to know what about the IQ of this lens, and what must I look for in it (specally sensible to fungus, haze, etc).



Robert Hughes
26-Apr-2010, 14:01
What is IQ? I'm not familiar with a photographic meaning for that term. A Tessar 180mm lens would easily cover 4x5 film and possibly 5x7. As for fungus/haze, does it look clear when you look through it? If so, don't worry about haze, just try it. But if it smells like it spent the last 40 years in a basement, and has all sorts of spiderwebby looking marking on the glass, that's fungus.

26-Apr-2010, 14:22
Thank Robert, very much.

Excuse, but i wanted to say Image quality. I want to try the lens in 35 mm film cam and in 4x5.

Thank again.


Glenn Thoreson
27-Apr-2010, 11:40
The most widely imitated lens ever made. Very long history. The image quality may not live up to modern multi coated plasmat designs, but has has been a world standard for many decades. Use a lens hood.

27-Apr-2010, 13:39
Thank you Glenn.

I will use a hood. And very small aperture too.


Dan Fromm
27-Apr-2010, 15:36
If you're going to hang y'r 180/4.5 CZJ Tessar in front of a 35 mm camera, try it wide open and then at f/5.6, f/8, and f/11. I expect it will surprise you. If it is clean. If it is hazy you'll lose resolution and contrast. I have several CZJ Tessars, if yours is like mine it should just unscrew for cleaning.

If you hang it in front of a 4x5 camera, try it from f/8 down.

Asking for advice doesn't hurt but no one knows your standards and goals better than you. Also, none of us knows what condition the lens is in. Its always best to ask the lens how well it can please you.