View Full Version : Kodak Plus-X Pan on Ultrafin Liquid?????

Pablo Jimenez
1-Apr-2002, 22:49
I need to develop urgently some Kodak Plus-X Pan sheet films and I cannot get the XTol or T-Max RS. I just got Tetenal Ultrafin at the time. What shall I get from this combination?. Another solution? If I do develop it this way what would be the time and temperature. I found the tables from Tetenal but I couldn't get the times for Push-Processing (one stop to ISO250), any ideas????

Thanks in advance for your help Pablo

Scott Walton
2-Apr-2002, 15:26
Go to www.digitaltruth.com, click on the Massive Developing Chart, plug in PX and scroll down to Ultrafin and then click on Push Processing on the left hand side. Other than that, Diafine would work beautiful processed 3 min Bath A and 3 min Bath B and then fix!