View Full Version : Color of unclear anti-halation dye on TMY-2

Ed Richards
26-Apr-2010, 09:44
Assume I have a spot of dye that is not clear, say it was masked by something when I was developing and washing. Would color would it be? I am still trying to sort out my blue felttip pen looking marks on my TMY-2 negatives.

26-Apr-2010, 18:27
Heck, I just developed some TMY-2, so I should know the answer, but I'm not good with colors (maybe that is why I shoot B&W?), but I think it would be a pinkish color.

Bill Burk
27-Apr-2010, 12:09
Take an undeveloped sheet of TMY-2 and pour water on it. You'll see blue dye running down the drain and over your fingers. I did this just last Sunday.

27-Apr-2010, 12:46
Blue-green. And pretty much either opaque or gone - I have had quite a few solid ink-like blocking blots or stripes (especially when using paper drums for film), but I never had transparent staining over the entire surface.

Pink to orange is sensitizer staining - when T-Max was new, that caused many irritations and Kodak had to issue notices that some residual staining was normal and no problem, but it does wash out completely f you use fresh, acidic fixer and twice the required washing.