View Full Version : Rail Clamps: Toyo G work on a Sinar P?

Blair Ware
26-Apr-2010, 06:25
I am about to buy a Sinar P that for some reason has no rail clamp.
Does anyone know if a Toyo G rail clamp will work on the P?


Frank Petronio
28-Apr-2010, 04:27
bump for a good question

erie patsellis
28-Apr-2010, 06:12
Nope, not without some creative engineering.

The Toyo rail is 39mm in diameter, the Sinar 37mm and the Toyo rail clamp won't close down far enough. of course if you're really desperate, a film canister (~1mm thick) with the bottom cut off and slit might be enough to make up the difference, my preference is for Fuji cans myself.

The bigger question, would you really be confortable trusting the clamp to hold it securely enough? Even the F is no lightweight and has quite the mechanical advantage due to it's distance from the clamp.

I have fabricated a clamp I use on my tilt head with a studio stand, I start with an 80/20 5890 2" stanchion, add shims wrapped around the Sinar clamp "sleeve" and have two screws on each side to keep it from falling out. Unless you buy a stanchion off of 80/20's ebay store, are comfortable with fabricating and confident in your abilities, I'd just find a rail clamp. You may want to check with EP Levine, Jim at Midwest and KEH to start, Adorama, B&H would be a last option for me.


Blair Ware
29-Apr-2010, 09:45
Erie, thanks for the advice. I decided to splurge and get the real deal but will try the Toyo for fun.


Struan Gray
30-Apr-2010, 01:07
Ffordes in the U.K. has two used rail clamps at un-splurge prices (they call them 'tripod mounts'):


Reliable to deal with.