View Full Version : All color reversal processes?

24-Apr-2010, 14:03
Im trying to figure out what is the best route to shooting in-camera color reversal at 8x10 and 16x20, ideally direct to duratrans type film for lightbox.

What processes exist beyond ilfochrome?


Dave Grenet
24-Apr-2010, 18:47
You could try reversing RA4 material *but* it doesn't work for all papers, is probably only suitable for certain scenes (no portraits by all accounts) and is fiddly when it does work. That said, it may be what you need and people have had success with it in-camera (I've only tried it under the enlarger).

The basic process is:
BW Develop (Dektol works well)
Stop (after this you can do the process in room light)
Fog (lights on)
Normal RA4

If you plan to do this there are a number of threads on APUG and some very good ones on photo.net (one in particular called "paper color slides anyone" or something like that by bujor b) which I suggest you read.

All the best!