View Full Version : Sinar p2 bushing

24-Apr-2010, 09:37
I just bought a P2 and one of the brass bushings inside the rear standard that locks the standard in position is broken. It is still in place and seems to be working fine but where could I find another and could I replace it myself?

Clive Gray
24-Apr-2010, 10:02
You can find the service manual for a P on this page (http://www.image2output-support.com/sinar/).

They would be able to supply spares too but if you let us know where you are located others may have suggestions for more local supplies.

As to if you could replace it yourself you can have a look at the manual and see if you think it is possible for you, others here may have direct experience they can relate.

Note that although it just says Sinar P that manual does cover the P2 and for that matter the X cameras too.

24-Apr-2010, 21:17
Thank you for the quick response! I am in Toronto so if anyone has a reliable source for such things please pass it along.