View Full Version : Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic with Kodak Tri-X film

tom thomas
24-Apr-2010, 08:42
I recently purchased (won on E-Bungle) a Graflex 2X3 Pacemaker that came loaded with a film pack. I'm wondering if it might be worth finishing the remaining shots then having it developed to see what the previous owner had wanted to photograph.

The pull-tab is marked Kodak Tri-X Pan Professional Film Pack. I've included a photo showing the camera with film loaded. Nine of the 16 exposures have been used. I assume that #10 at least has been fogged by unknowns removing the dark slide out of curiosity.

If the dark slide had been removed, would it fog the remaining six films and those already exposed? The holder is a Graphic Film Pack Adapter, Cat 1232. I haven't opened it and I sure hope the seller didn't know how.

Is it still possible to find 2X3 film packs for this camera? Where could I get developed? The young kids at local drop off counters can't figure out how this large "chip" fits in a digital camera so have no idea of how to develop it.

On a side note, the camera itself cleaned up nicely. It came in the original but rotting leather shoulder bag with accessories including Luke's light sabre with 3 cell attachment plus a Heiland Capacitor unit, a bunch of great filters in their leather cases, and 3 more film adapters including a Graphmatic that has all six of it's septums intact. It even came with the Pacemaker Users Manual that covers the 3X4 and 4X5 models as well. I intend to scan the manual should anyone need it here. It would be much easier to read than some I've seen online so far.

I intend to install a "22" 120 film adapter on it after I recalibrate the range finder. I have the mounting springs from the original Graflex Minature Speed Graphic I'd earlier discussed on the forum.

Thanx for the help.


Michael Cienfuegos
24-Apr-2010, 09:34
The other films are probably ok. There may be some base fog because of the age of the film, but my bet is that they are still ok. I have some 4x5 Tri-X and Plus-x film packs which I still use. I keep them frozen, They have been satisfactory with only slight base fog. The grafmatic changers are great. I have three for my Baby Speed, two for my Pre-Anny 4x5. Looks like you got yourself a good deal.

tom thomas
24-Apr-2010, 14:00
Thanx Michael. I'm hoping that the exposed film is OK as it may have some very interesting history. The camera came from Pleasantville, NY so who knows. It had what seems to be film of dried salt air on it so perhaps it was stored on a boat or near the seaside anyway.

The filters were filthy inside the leather cases but surprised me how well a couple of them cleaned up. I've not cleaned more yet. They are at least 1/4 inch thick glass, several shades of blue, green and yellow so far from what I've found.

I'm wondering if anyone may be able to guess the age of the film based on the color of the print on the tabs. If it is too old, would labs be able to process it easily. Would anyone here be willing and able to develop the negatives for me. I do want to expose the remaining 6 films first though. I'll offer to pay for the service and shipping if anyone can do it.


Robert Hughes
25-Apr-2010, 10:51
The camera and associated equipment looks like it dates from the 1950's, so assume the film is of comparable age. I've successfully processed images exposed in the 1960's, but failed with some Dupont film from WW2 (completely fogged). So, try developing one or two of the shots at N-1 and see if anything comes of it.