View Full Version : Gundlach KORONA 4x5 FIELD CAMERA

23-Apr-2010, 19:14
Camera: Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Co. c1900
Supposed to be in good condition, good bellows, good GG. Missing one of the catches that holds the camera closed.

Lens: Kodak Anastigmat 203mm f7.7 w/Kodak No.2 Supermatic shutter

Glass shows no defects, shutter/apeture appears to work as it should.

What does everyone think of this camera? I would rate the cosmetics to be about a 6 or 7 out of 10.

What value?


Robert Vigurs
23-Apr-2010, 21:34
The Korona is a good old camera. There were different styles made, with different movements. If this is the one that sold on ebay, you may find that it has two movements at the front. Rise, and shift. I did not see the capability for tilt or swing. The back tilts, and has some swing, no shift. I've owned two, and they were both quite serviceable 4x5's, again different models having some, or most movements at the front.

23-Apr-2010, 22:01

Yeah, it was the one that just sold on ebay. I didn't go too high bidding on it. I'll get something a bit newer if I'm going to spend the bucks.

Would have taken some work to get it looking nice. Would have been a for-fun project. I'll just keep watching.

24-Apr-2010, 02:08
I have a Korona that is by your description older than the one you have and apart from a bit of movement in the backend it is a superb camera. If you have the extension rail you can use a lens up to 500mm and with a recessed board a 90mm lens. There are many "better" cameras available but seriously they will all basically do the same task. Learn everything you can about it and let it show you your limitations :)

Have fun


24-Apr-2010, 03:11
I love my korona