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Aaron Ng
25-Feb-2002, 05:56

Does it matter whether one stands or sits before his enlarger making prints? See ms like standing is more the usual way. Does it affect one's printing quality? D oes anyone know of any studies being done on this subject?

Many Thanks,


25-Feb-2002, 06:32

Aaron, Is this a serious question?? :-)


chris jordan
25-Feb-2002, 09:24
I've rigged up a swing, so both my hands and feet are free for dodging and burning. Also, laying in a hammock greatly reduces wash times.

Jim Galli
25-Feb-2002, 10:19
Stand in front of the enlarger.....or.....sit in front of the computer; Hmmmm...maybe that's why digital is winning the war.

Alec Jones
25-Feb-2002, 10:44
Aaron just has a HARD time making decisions. New generation, you know, you know, you know.

25-Feb-2002, 10:59
When using an 8x10 Elwood most people kneel in front of it. As far as print quality vs. position sounds like a great MFA thesis.

25-Feb-2002, 11:00
Yes there are studies (of similar situations, I don't know of any on the enlarger). Until fatigue sets in, standing is more efficient, thus presumably you also get better prints. A good compromise is a using a tall stool to rest your bumm between prints.

Jeff Buckels
25-Feb-2002, 11:58
I have a swivel stool, like dentists use. Like it a lot. You can get cheap, reasonable quality "models" at Costco for about $40. -jeff buckels

John Kasaian
25-Feb-2002, 12:32
Aaron, I kneel before the Elwood. It sort of makes darkroom work more spiritual. Hmmm, maybe I'll play a recording of Gregorian Chants next time I fire up the old 8x10 just for inspiration...........Cheers! -----John

John Grunke
25-Feb-2002, 12:51
Stand to compose, Sit to expose. A good habit to keep you from dancing into the enlarger during dodging & burning.

dan nguyen
25-Feb-2002, 13:16
:)... it depends..

I use a stool at the big sink for developing films... I tried the stool for the enlarger didn't like it... It's important that you adjust the height of your enlarger.. too high you won't have a good view... too low you will strain your neck...

Kneeling in front of your enlarger is also good..if you pray at the same time while struggling with a "hard to print" negative... :) LOL

Donald Brewster
25-Feb-2002, 17:22
I only have this dilemna walking into the bathroom.

Steve Feldman
25-Feb-2002, 17:49
To: John - - Above:

Good poem. Reminds me of the Doctor version.

"Big Dr. - big incision Little Dr. - little incision Good Dr. - right incision Bad Dr. - indecision."

Andrew Held
25-Feb-2002, 22:13
Forget the enlarger posture, it is the grain magnifier that is giving me neckaches. If only they could digitize that.

Aaron Ng
25-Feb-2002, 23:22
Thanks Bill, for that tall stool idea. I could use that tip.

Seriously, anyone else with some thoughts? In the book, "Art & Fear" the authors wrote that hemmingway had his typewriter at elbow level while typing on standing position. His ideas flow better this way. Similiar, some other artists found that a change in routine adversely affects their creative flows. I have found it true in my own experiences other than photography. Thanks.

Dean Lastoria
27-Feb-2002, 18:29
It depends on what you are wearing, If I am wearing a white shirt and black pants, I stand, if I'm weraring a black shirt and no ... well you get the idea. Dean