View Full Version : Finished my B&J 5x7 project today..

23-Apr-2010, 14:11
I purchased a lens from B.S. Kumar on this site. Shipped from Japan on the 20th and arrived yesterday the 22nd! All the way to rural Ohio. Amazing. Anyway, with the lens in place and the ground glass done, I am ready to shoot!

Jay DeFehr
23-Apr-2010, 15:04
Congratulations! Your camera looks great! And just in time for spring. Enjoy!

23-Apr-2010, 15:21
Congratulations! And I'm happy to have played a small part in this!


Kirk Gittings
23-Apr-2010, 15:44

23-Apr-2010, 17:04
Gorgeous!! Love it!:D

Drew Bedo
23-Apr-2010, 18:13
What a nice job! Now shoot something and show us.

Craig Roberts
30-Apr-2010, 17:02
Nice work, enjoy! Craig