View Full Version : Schneider S Angulon 47 vingyetting with filter adaptor

Dick Roadnight
1-Apr-2002, 16:49
I have two sets of filters, Hasselblad 60mm bayonet and 86mm screw (for the Hass elblad 93mm filter size).

I have ordered adaptors for my Schneider 90, 150, and 360 lenses and the Rodenst ock 600mm to fit these two sizes.

I thought that I would get vignetting if I tried to use a 60mm bayonet filter wi th the 47mm (105-110 degree lens, so I did not order an adaptor.

But then I thought... why not get an adaptor to the 86mm size? it might look str ange, but surely it would work, wouldn't it?

Lars Åke Vinberg
2-Apr-2002, 04:03
Absolutely, go for it.