View Full Version : Super Angulon 90/8, which are good?

23-Apr-2010, 08:05
Ill be receiving my first LF camera soon, a Crown Graphic. It comes with one of the standard 135mm tessars which seem like decent lenses but Id like something a bit wider, and also something that allows for movements (although the Crown Graphic is limited in this regard).

Ive been looking at the Schneider Super Angulon 90mm F8. These are available cheaply and seem to have decent coverage as well as good sharpness.

My question, which ones are good? They have been made since the 50s and apparently have had at least coating changes since then. The serial is usually visible in auctions so I can check when the lens was made. What would you recommend looking for?

If there is another cheap good wide angle lens that might match or surpass the performance of the Super Angulon 90/8, Id like to hear about that too :)

Dan Fromm
23-Apr-2010, 10:23
90/8 Ilex, sold as Ilex Acugon, Ilex Acuwide, Calumet Ilex, ... has slightly larger coverage and is very good.

Per Madsen
23-Apr-2010, 10:30
Look for a muticoated one with a 0 size shutter.

The Syncro-Compur size 00 shutter is missing a pre-view option and T.

The non multi coated version are prone to flare in "against the light" situations,
but are very good otherwise.

erie patsellis
23-Apr-2010, 11:04
a Caltar-W II (in that order, variations are different lenses) should perform exactly the same, it's the same lens in a different name. (and usually less expensive as well)

Glenn Thoreson
23-Apr-2010, 11:08
There is information on a lens test website that gives the serial number range of the good and not so good ones. There was a period of time when Schneider had quality control issues. I can't remember who did the tests, though. Was it Thalman?

Mike Anderson
23-Apr-2010, 11:45
The Syncro-Compur size 00 shutter is missing a pre-view option and T.

I don't know if you know what this means (engl), it means you have to lock the cable release down to open the lens to view and focus. Also the shutter housing is smaller and harder to see and adjust. I got a SA 90mm f8 with 00 shutter before I understood those things. I regret it. It's all around harder (especially for a beginner, like me) to use than one in a more modern 0 shutter and not worth as much as one in a 0 shutter.


Tom Monego
23-Apr-2010, 12:28
I have a late 50's Linhof f8 SA that is a fantastic lens, even with the 00 shutter. The 00 is a pain and from what I understand there is no way to adapt the lens to a 0. Sharp and contrasty this is one nice lens.


Frank Petronio
23-Apr-2010, 15:21
You can tell the relative age of lenses from the shutters, later ones are usually in Copals or modern looking Compurs. Basically the newer they get, the less chrome the shutter has!

23-Apr-2010, 16:41
Thanks for all the replies! Im now a lot wiser, Ill be on the lookout for more rebranded lenses as well as the Ilex. I stay away from the ones with 00 Syncro Compur shutters.