View Full Version : 180mm/f5.5 Fujinon-W, coated,

David Woods
22-Apr-2010, 20:48

Is 180mm/f5.5 Fujinon-W, coated, a large format lens, suitable for a 5x7, serial 188426?


Dirk Rösler
22-Apr-2010, 21:18
Single coated 5.6? Yes, even up to 8x10. http://www.willwilson.com/fujinonlc2.html

David Karp
22-Apr-2010, 21:38
The single coated 180 W covers WP with lots of room for movement.

David Woods
22-Apr-2010, 22:43
Thank you very much, was it a descent lens?

Dirk Rösler
23-Apr-2010, 02:22
I do think so, and Jim Galli too


David Woods
23-Apr-2010, 03:48
thanks guys like the pics

David Karp
23-Apr-2010, 10:05
Yes. I think it is much better than a decent lens. They are usually available at good prices. Mine has lots of scuffs on the shutter, but the glass is very clean and the shutter works fine. The scuffs reduced the price, and I am very happy with the lens.