View Full Version : Rear lens diameter 75mm 5.6 Super Angulon. Grandagon 6.8 and Nikkor

Don Dudenbostel
22-Apr-2010, 17:58
I'm looking to purchase a 75mm wide for my Technika 2x3 and need to know the rear mount diameter of the 75mm Super Angulon 5.6 SC and MC. I think there is a slight difference in size and don't know if either will fit through the opening in the front standard of the Technika 2x3. Also would like to know the same dimension of the two models of 75mm Grandagon and the Nikkor W 75 4.5.

Thanks in advance!


Don Dudenbostel
22-Apr-2010, 19:06
I just measured the front standard opening and its 62mm.

Robert Ley
22-Apr-2010, 19:07

I measure about 2 1/4in or about 57mm as the outer diameter of my 75mm SA and it is the SC version. Mine takes 67mm filters on the front element.

22-Apr-2010, 20:28

I'm not sure Nikkor made a W 75 f4.5. But if that's a typo and you meant SW, then the Nikkor lens specs on my website indicate a rear mount size of 60mm for the SW 75/4.5. (refer link below)

Hope this helps

Oren Grad
22-Apr-2010, 22:02
Grandagon-N is 54mm for the 75/6.8 and 60mm for the 75/4.5.

Don Dudenbostel
23-Apr-2010, 04:45
It is a typo on the Nikkor and should be SW. I have never owned a Grandsgon and the 6.8 seems like a good size between the 5.6 & 8. I would assume this is also correct for the Rodenstock / Caltar 6.8.

Also I failed to mention the Fuji 75 and would appreciate info if anyone has it.


23-Apr-2010, 23:31
NIKKOR-SW 75mm f/4.5 rear lens diameter is 60mm (as mark on the rear lens cap), front is 70mm. sit on Copal O shutter. This is a really sharp lens.

Don Dudenbostel
24-Apr-2010, 05:14
Thanks for your answers. I found an excellent deal on a very clean 75 6.8 caltar at Calumet yesterday and ordered it.