View Full Version : Fuji Velvia 50 Quickload

Joseph Kayne
22-Apr-2010, 13:13
Anyone know where to get any? Thanks. Joe.

22-Apr-2010, 15:05
it's been discontinued in ql format but try badgergraphic.com, b&h, calumet, samy's, adorama.com.

22-Apr-2010, 18:14
Last week I got a couple of packs from adorama. They were 'process by 11/2009', but I am guessing they will do just fine.

Joseph Kayne
23-Apr-2010, 06:58
I tried all of those places and they are out.......

23-Apr-2010, 07:33

Samy's has some I guess. Give them a call before you order online. They might not have updated their website.

23-Apr-2010, 13:32
I bought the last box of Velvia 50 quickload from Adorama this week (actually ordered two and they were onlly able to ship one). I've spent close to a grand on this stuff over the last four months, and at my current rate of usage it ought to last me about five years, heh.

But it's bulky and the Redhead pushed me out of the freezer part of our refrigerator, so last night I made use of a $150 sale price on a 5 cubic-foot chest freezer at Best Buy. I think buying a freezer especially for large-format film must be some sort of test of commitment.

Rick "now trying to figure out where to put it" Denney

john wood
23-Apr-2010, 13:45
Ha... I was at home depot last night buying one for the very same reason. And now it is sitting outside a stuffed garage and I have the very same question.

Bob Salomon
23-Apr-2010, 13:55
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