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Andrew O'Neill
22-Apr-2010, 08:40
Probably most of you already know about the Type 55 that Impossible Project is selling (expired 2009). Love to get some, but 223USD is a wee bit steep for me. Anyone know if they are going to at least attempt producing their own Type 55 or is that just too "impossible".

Steve Wright
22-Apr-2010, 11:02
I still have some and i ought to sell it if it's worth that much!! Been in a refrigerator also....
Try their other products is what I'd recommend. Much more affordable.

Deniz Merdanogullari
22-Apr-2010, 11:04
Andrew i know they are working on reviving the 8x10 film.
im sure 4x5 is not a far stretch either.

But the cost of it will be enough to render the purchase by the consumer "Impossible"

Renato Tonelli
22-Apr-2010, 14:07
I get it:
Impossible Project (film) at Impossible Prices.

I hope they don't kill it before its born.

22-Apr-2010, 15:13
Andrew i know they are working on reviving the 8x10 film.

Who said so? Any interviews I read so far said that they'll do integral only.


22-Apr-2010, 15:24
they own the machines to do 8x10 and their's a section on their site stating something along those lines but that's all I've seen or heard.

Robert Hughes
22-Apr-2010, 20:40
Reminds me of retro audio manufacturers: yesterday's technology at tomorrow's prices! :cool:

falth j
23-Apr-2010, 06:51


everything is retro..

tomorrow's prices today...

D. Bryant
23-Apr-2010, 08:21
Apparently the B&W integral film they've introduced has really poor quality but is a relatively expensive product.

Given that scenario I don't see them being around long.

William McEwen
23-Apr-2010, 08:24
Yeah, SX-70 film that fades to complete black in 24 hours. Include me out!