View Full Version : Processing E-6 films into black-and-white negatives

21-Apr-2010, 08:41
I have a bunch of sheet film expired in the 90s and early 00s, and stored in uncertain conditions. I assume that it's no good anymore as color film, and I haven't wanted to spend $4 a sheet on processing to find out. However, could I use it as black-and-white negative film? Has anyone ever done this, and what exposure and processing did you use? What are the chances it's still ok as color film, considering I could digitally remove any color shifts if I intended to print it?

21-Apr-2010, 12:07
Why not try a couple of shots in color just to be sure?

21-Apr-2010, 13:29
I've shot decade old Provia in rollfim form that probably wasn't refrigerated all its life - looks fine to me. I wouldn't necessarily write it off without a test.

21-Apr-2010, 19:36
Some pretty good information on the subject here ---> http://photo.net/film-and-processing-forum/00T2Ce

My personal results have been poor with E-6 in Rodinal.

22-Apr-2010, 02:10
I souped a roll of 7 year old Provia 120 in D-76 / stop / fix this past summer to test a camera. The images had an absurd amount of base+fog, presumably from dyes and such not removed. My test worked well enough to check focus and frame spacing... it did not produce a really useful image, but I could tell the frame spacing was off on the camera I tested, I could tell the focus was ok-ish... that was about it.