View Full Version : Berlebach UNI Tripod Mods

Barry Wilkinson
21-Apr-2010, 04:44
I have owned a Berlebach UNI16 tripod for several years. My only one gripe with the tripod was the lack of leg stops. I fitted key rings to the leg brackets and used a web tape with a buckle to ensure the legs did not spread on a slippery surface. This works well and its a great tripod for heavy camera's.

I was browsing the Berlebach site recently and noticed that the latest version of the UNI16 had leg stops. Berlebach supplied me with the stops to fit myself which is quite easy and a great improvement.

So if there are any of you out there that would like to fit stops they are available from Berlebach. One caution the tripod dimensions have changed slightly over the years. See attached image for the space requirement to fit these stops.

Please note I do not have any connection with Berlebach other than being a satisfied customer.