View Full Version : Caltar W II 90mm f/6.8

Tony Galt
31-Mar-2002, 19:16
Can anyone tell me anything about this lens. The current Calument listting is fo r a Caltar N II f/6.8 which is a Rodenstock. (I assume their Sironar N series.) What is the "W". Does anyone have one? Is it sharp? How about coverage?

Bob Salomon
31-Mar-2002, 19:34
There is no 90mm Sironar and the Sironars are not 6.8 in short sizes. (The shortest Sironar N is the 100 mm.)

As you are at a school have you seen the Rodenstock School Price Program available from local camera stores?

The price list was readily available at SPE 2 weeks ago in Las Vegas and has been sent to virtually all schools with a photo program in the US.