View Full Version : Mixing Collodion

Heather Love
19-Apr-2010, 15:39
I have just begun the wet plate collodion process and already I have a problem. While I was mixing the collodion, I misread the directions and put 4 grams of cadmium bromide in the mix instead of 3. Aside from that everything else was correct. Do I need to remake the collodion or will it work? What will it do to the images? Thanks in advance!

19-Apr-2010, 15:41
should be fine. give it a go.

Joe Smigiel
20-Apr-2010, 18:58
It should work but might be a little lower in contrast than normal. Maybe a bit thicker when pouring too. If you are also using potassium iodide, the salts will react together to form potassium bromide which will subsequently drop out of solution and tend towards an equilibrium so you may see no difference at all.