View Full Version : Super-Angulon XL 5.6 90mm on a Technikardan

John Hennessy
31-Mar-2002, 19:12
I am considering either of two lenses: the Schneider Super-Symmar XL 4.5 80 mm v s. the Super-Angulon XL 5.6 90mm.

The lens would be used on a Technikardan for landscapes and architecture. If any one has any general observation about these two lenses, that would be welcome. B ut the first question is: will the Super-Angulon XL fit into a Technikardan? The opening in the front standard measures about 83mm and the rear element of this lens is 78mm according to the specifications. So that should be tight but OK. If anyone with actual experience with this combination would care to comment, I wo uld appreciate it.


Bob Salomon
31-Mar-2002, 19:22
Nope. 90XL does not fit without modifying the lens or removing and re-installing the rear group which is not recommended.

Get the curves on the 90mm 4.5 Grandagon (which does fit) and compare the curves to see what the differences are.

neil poulsen
1-Apr-2002, 05:15
Perhaps one could remove the rear element, remove the back, bring the front and rear standards together, place the front element on the camera, attach the rear element through the back, and replace the back. Could one do that? [:<)]

To be a little more serious, is is really necessary to have the 90mm XL? I know it gives enormous movements. I took an architecture photography workshop from Norman McGrath last June, and at that time, a standard 90mm f5.6 S.A. provided all the movement he needed. He did not plan on upgrading to an XL.

3-May-2002, 14:13
Wondering if anyone has direct experience comparing the Ro. 90/4.5 Grandagon N (latest model, which I have) against the SS 80/4.5?

I'm getting interested in the 80/110 combination, but the 90 is *so* sharp...