View Full Version : Exipred films

19-Apr-2010, 11:03

Andre Noble
23-Apr-2010, 20:42
The 5 year old T Max and 2 year old Provia should be OK. I wouldn't bother with the Ektachrome 100.

6-May-2010, 08:37
I just received Fuji Provia 100 02/2006 back from the lab, and have to say, that there is almost no difference. I will scan the image and post if for you to see in a day or two.

Thanks againg for all the help.

6-May-2010, 08:45
I have some Ektachrome 100 that expired in 2003. I'm going on a trip and was planning on shooting some of it just to see how it turns out. Should I changed my EI? Should I not even bother?

Ben Syverson
10-May-2010, 19:48
E6 ages better than C41 (or, more likely, C41 emulsions have improved so much in the past 10-15 years that I expect more).

For E6 from 2003, I would rate it at least a half stop slower and expect some mild color shifts which are correctable in scanning. I shot a bunch of Fuji MS 100/1000 from 2000 and 2001 a couple years ago, and it was slower and pinker than fresh stock.

I certainly wouldn't think twice about shooting anything that expired in the past couple years, and don't actually notice anything different about the Fuji 160S I have from 2006.

Pfeiffer Duckett
10-May-2010, 22:14
I've been shooting lots of expired epp, epn. I haven't been cutting my speed at all; maybe I've been lucky? I usually fuss around in photoshop too, but I'm running about a dollar a sheet on the expired stuff. (I like the colors better on it too) Only thing that ruins everything is that reciprocity failure is so much worse than modern films.