View Full Version : Develop E6 8x10 using ATL 1500 and how to avoid slide sticking to the wall?

19-Apr-2010, 06:26
I do both medium format (Pentax 67 now) and large format. It is a bit difficulty to do E6 development of both. One use ATL1500 and the other use Jobo CPE (without lift). (Black and white 8x10 hand development by tray.)

2 weeks ago, I tried to use ATL 1500 to develop both my 6x7 and 8x10. One 8x10 comes up ok actually. That is the rub. If it is not ok then there is no question.

The problem is that the other one stick the wall.

You can see the picture resulted in here --


Hence, the question is, other than give up, how to prevent the 8x10 slide stick to the wall.

I am thinking one way is to have something on the wall (like those things on the wall of a print drum) so that the slide would not stick so easily. It break the surface tension so to speak. As the things move, the back of the slide would be touched by chemical then.

One simple way to do is just to add some sticky tape in different part of the durm wall. Or even stick a wooden stick (Japanese chopstick?)

My question is would this work. In particular is it safe as I am not sure about the chemical reaction. If it is ok, I might try that next week.

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20-Mar-2011, 14:21
Hi, sorry to dredge this up, but did you ever hit upon a solution for this?

20-Mar-2011, 20:27
Hi, sorry to dredge this up, but did you ever hit upon a solution for this?

I got a bandage tape (those with transparent plastic on the top of a normal one, without any medical thing). I think I am using this:


3 about 120degree to each other. I guess a bit more would not harm. (Mine seems a bit bigger than this but the general idea is the same.)

It seems to work quite ok. But as this is only 1 each time (but automatic), I now tend to use my other 3 jobo, especially my larger one so that I can do 2 at a time, in parallel to this 1 using ATL. The result seems the same.

Just remember whether there is light leak, as you do not have the tube in the middle. Use a printpaper cup or in the past I have two jobo plug that fit into the funnel.

I still not able to get my expert drum to work, as it needs to put something back in. Once there, it would be 5 at a time + 1 auto.

Good luck.

21-Mar-2011, 01:49
Thanks for responding.