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18-Apr-2010, 10:21
I picked up a little 90mm Graphex yesterday with nice clean glass and a shutter that works well, but it has a teardrop shaped aperture.
There is a pin on the back of one blade that seems to be missing, so it doesn't close all the way down like the rest of them.

I was wondering if, and how this will effect the quality of my images? I should mention that I almost always use these lenses closed down to f/22 or 32.


Vick Vickery
18-Apr-2010, 11:18
I'd bet it won't affect exposure much if at all, and the tear-shaped boekh highlights could be really interesting in the background! Actually I'd probably have it fixed after playing with it awhile, but as long as the out-of-place leaf doesn't interfere with the function of the shutter you really wouldn't need to worry about it.

David McNiven
18-Apr-2010, 14:33
Generally it's better to repair at the first sign of damage to prevent loose parts causing further damage.
If you've removed the blade & pin it may be OK though.

19-Apr-2010, 06:57
Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it!
I'll look into fixing it.

Thanks again,

J. Patric Dahlen
19-Apr-2010, 08:26
I got an aperture leaf back to its correct position by just removing the lens elements and moving the leaf a little with my fingers. I don't know if I should recommend that though, because you could damage it instead.