View Full Version : Canham SQC 5x7 vs. DLC 4x5

Paul D. Robertson
11-Apr-1999, 20:38
I've got a couple of monorail 4x5 cameras, and find I don't shoot as many LF negatives as I'd like because of the general pain of hauling them around. I was looking at the DLC recently on-line, and had pretty much set my mind on it. However, with the advent of the SQC I'm seriously leani ng in that direction (with the 4x5 back to take advantage of the common emultion s available for 4x5 and my current enlarger.) I'd like to get the perspectives of anyone who's shot 5x7 with a 4x5 back especially if you've used the SQC (are there likely to be significant differences between shots with the back and a normal 4x5...)

I think I've gleaned that European 5x7 is slightly differently sized than US 5x7 , and I was wondering if that's true how difficult the holders are to get, since I wouldn't mind mail-ordering Velvia in 5x7 from a Euorpean company if necessary.

Finally, any thoughts anyone has on the difference between the SQC and DLC would be appreciated, or anything else you'd like to throw in.

I'm in the Washington D.C. area, and have yet to locate a local shop that stocks Canham - which is next on my list of things to do prior to going too much further.

Thanks for your time,


Ellis Vener
12-Apr-1999, 02:33
I haven't used the MQC camera beyond handling one at a camera show but have extensive experience with the DLC. My feeling is that unless you really are going to shoot a lot of 5x7 or are waiting for the possible appearance of the 6x17 roll film back you will be better off with the DLC. Although they aren't located in Washington, D.C. You might want to call Jeff at Quality Camera in Atlanta (1.404.237.5599) and ask him if they will be setting up shop at a D.C. area camera show anytime soon. I have found my dealings with him to be fair and straight forward.

QT Luong
12-Apr-1999, 19:22
13x18cm holders are readily available from Fidelity.

17-Apr-1999, 02:02
I played with the 5x7 version in a camera store for some time, and found that it was very nice other than the bellows issue which has been mentioned in previous threads. I am waiting for the 6x17 roll film back to become a reality before investing the extra money in this version of the dlc.

Paul D. Robertson
5-Jun-1999, 09:24
Just to follow up:

I ended up with the MQC and reducing back. I ordered it from The F Stops Here. I got it exactly on time, with exactly what I asked for. Being used to mail delays, I thought for sure it wouldn't be here in time for this weekend, but it was. So far I'm very happy with the camera, but I've only shot 4x5 in it so far, and only a dozen sheets.