View Full Version : Burke & James 5x7 revisited

17-Apr-2010, 15:52
Picked up a 5x7 a couple of weeks ago and thought I would give it a cleaning. Got a little carried away and decided to rebuild. Using original hardware and bellows, but the rest is new. Soon, all I will need is a lens, film holder and film and I will be ready to go!

Tim Meisburger
17-Apr-2010, 16:20
That's nice! I have one in the US that I have yet to see. I bought it on a whim on ebay and had them ship to my mother's house, as shipping to Bangkok would have been a lot more than the camera. Over the past few years I have followed several refinishing projects for these, but looks like your solution might be even easier.

17-Apr-2010, 16:21
nice work. It is beautiful.

(incidently, I'm. pretty sure that is a replacement bellows as the original bellows were red.)

Oren Grad
17-Apr-2010, 20:14
Well, that's a lot prettier than the 5x7 B&J I used to have, with gray painted body and rail and original red bellows in moderately grungy condition. Nicely done - enjoy!

Michael Roberts
17-Apr-2010, 20:18
What a great idea--looks super!

18-Apr-2010, 00:24
Good work!

B&J's clean up really nice. I know they will never become an Ansco, Eastman 2D or Deardorff, but I really enjoyed doing this. Best 100 bucks I have spent this year... :)

Cheers, Maurits