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17-Apr-2010, 12:23
Greetings to all,
I have just obtained a lovely 250mm lens for large format, but the shutter mechanism doesn't work. It is stuck on 1/50 second and the aperture lever is completely unaligned to the markings, although the aperture does open and close. The shutter does fire.

Could anyone help with the following please...
1. Which shutter could I obtain to replace this defective shutter?
2. Is this a replacement I could do myself?
3. Any other relevant advice would be greatly appreciated.



Phil Hudson
18-Apr-2010, 04:17
This lens (or at least my sample) has a specially modified Compur shutter and should be serviced and NOT replaced! This should be possible by any experienced camera repair shop. I think it uses a long since unavailable Compur #2 shutter.....the good news is that they are generally quite reliable and accurate once properly serviced.

Peter K
18-Apr-2010, 04:32
The last series where mounted in a Compur MXCR1 shutter but older Sonnar 250mm are mounted - as Phil mentioned before - in a special Compur size #1 shutters. In both cases a CLA is not only recommended but cheaper too.

18-Apr-2010, 06:27
Thanks for your answers...
I've been checking on the net and have found three places which could be my solution: skgrimes.com, lensn2shutter.com and flutotscamerarepair.com.
Do you have any idea about any of these perhaps?
I'm looking forward to the lens.

18-Apr-2010, 09:19
By the way, my lens serial is 2767xxx. Would you have any idea if this series is he older type with the compur 1? Maybe by comparing your serial numbers?