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Ed Candland
23-Feb-2002, 01:39
I was just wondering why no one brings up the CMW 135. When speaking of 135s the lens that comes up most is the Sironar-S for it's larger than the others image circle of 208. Well when I looked at the specs at Badger it said the Fuji is 214 . I'm I missing something? Thanks

Peter Popp
23-Feb-2002, 13:03
Ed - I've been looking at Fuji lenses from Badger lately, and will probably buy a CMW 125 when Uncle Sam admits he overtaxed me last year. Anyways, here's some possible explanations why you don' t hear about the CMW 135 more:

1) Cost - at Badger, it is the most expensive 135 they show on their site at $6 95, , and is $55-185 more than the other four comparable lenses (Nikon, Schneider, Apo-Symmar, Sironar-N and Sironar-S). And at Robert White it is almost twice the cost of the Schneider.

2) Availability - I believe only Badger and another place in CA import them for sale in the US.

3) The 67mm filter thread. I know this is minor, but all the others have 49 or 52mm threads, I think.

4) In reasearching the CMW 125, I had read rumors that the air-lens design of t he Fujinons makes them prone to flare, but I think most people will tell you this is no longer and true and they are every bit as good as the other manufacturers. It is this design, apparently, that gives these lenses slightly m ore coverage than those from other manufacturers.

Having said all that, I think I will still buy the CMW 125 because I want the wi der angle of view, and no other manufacturers make a lens in this price range that will cover 4x5. But if I w anted a 135 I think I would look elsewhere. Unless you really think you need the coverage of the Fujinon.

F. William Baker
23-Feb-2002, 13:24
For Fujinon lenses try "The F Stops Here". They order directly from Japan, they require 60% down with order. The price is based off the yen vs dollar exchange rate. They have a currency converter scale on their web site. If the dollar is strong against the yen you may get a really good value. Good Luck...

Ed Candland
23-Feb-2002, 21:45
Well the differnce between the Sironar-S and the CMW is $55. Which to me doesn't sound like a whole lot. I know that it's not as widely avalable, but it is at Badger which from what I can tell here is a very popualar place to purchace LF equipment. As for the 67mm Filters, I could see that being something that might swing someone in another direction particularly if they already had a set of say 58mm filters.

Patrick Raymore
23-Feb-2002, 23:38
You may also want to look at the (one generation back) Fujinon NWS 135mm f5.6 series. It is EBC multi-coated and has a coverage of 206mm (76 degrees). It wears a 52mm filter. The one I have is very sharp. In additon a use one is likely to be significantly less costly than a 135 CMW.

24-Feb-2002, 04:39
I went through this a few weeks back when I was looking for an 80 degree "W". These people have the "NWS" - they just don't know it. They have it listed as a "multicoated W", no such animal. By asking the right questions you can confirm that it has 52mm threads, and is in a silver Copal shutter, and is multicoated.



Sal Santamaura
24-Feb-2002, 11:58
Wayne, exactly which lens (please include number) are you referring to on the Midwest list? Thanks.

24-Feb-2002, 20:05
Sal - I had them grab the three that they had at the time. After describing what they had I determined that They didn't have a "W" and that the two following lenses are probably "NW" lenses. Once I determined that they didn't have a "W" lens I paid less attention to the details. In case my memory has failed you can check the following. The "W" should be in a Seiko shutter, 52mm filter thread, lettering on the inside of the rim, and single coated. The "NW" will be in an older style Copal (silver trim) and possibly multicoated (not sure if they were ALL multicoated), 52mm thread, lettering on the outside of the rim. Somewhere in there I believe that I came across a listed 49mm filter thread (possibly for the "W"? - it's a little confusing to say the least). The newest 135mm's have 67mm filter threads (the CM/W). Terry's page should be of help if you're in doubt.


135 f5.6 Fujinon-W 9 $379 3045NL-235 135 f5.6 Fujinon-W MC L.N. $389 3045NL-237


25-Feb-2002, 07:30
Went back over my notes - apparently the ORIGINAL (to us) "W" had 46mm filter threads, v.s. the later 52 mm and still later 67mm. And possibly the later "W"'s were available in Copal shutters as well as the earlier Seiko shutters. This is one confusing lens line!