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Hagai Kaufman
23-Feb-2002, 16:15
Hi all,

I hope that this is not totaly off-topic, but did anyone actually seen any of Ba silico's images on exhibit somewhere? I know and admire his work only from books(the one I own is called "Cityscapes") . This book, as well as another that I once saw at a friend's, contains hundreds of photographs without any division to chapters. very dense design, that I find very appealing. My question is, does his shows also contains somany images, how are they display ed?


andrea milano
24-Feb-2002, 05:35
Hi! I did see a show sometime ago at the "Stedelijk Museum" in Amsterdam, I knew his work before , I am Italian and familiar with it. The work was printed on huge format, a kind of A0 format. The images were very Basilico but the prints lacked the dramatic contrast which early work unmistakebly had. I was disapponted.

andrea milano
24-Feb-2002, 05:38
the show contained about 30 pictures but than again it was in a modern art museum and not a gallery, so it makes a difference!

25-Feb-2002, 06:36

Basilico is a fantastic photographer but in my view the quality of his work is not well appreciated in Cityscapes, but in previous books published in Italy (La sperienza dei luoghi, Nelle altre citta and one other I can't remember the name). The print quality of these books is amazing, and the photographs there are beautiful. To be sincere, it was after seeing his pictures that I decided to jump into large format (even if he uses also MF and 35mm).

I saw his photos in an exhibition in Genova some years ago, large prints, beautifully made. Recently I saw some other pictures of Palermo here in a gallery in Paris, and I agree with Andrea that the prints were dull. Try to get his Italian books, you won't regret it. Email me if you want the exact references.