View Full Version : Need a latch for Technica III

15-Apr-2010, 11:56
A student just knocked our Technica III off a table. No major damage, but the latch on the body of the camera broke (where the door clicks onto to hold it shut). It is held on by two screws, so it is easily replaceable if I could find one.

Any clues where we can get another latch? Fortunately, the door is still perfectly aligned. I do not know if newer Technicas used the same latch or not.

Thanks, Vaughn

Brian Ellis
15-Apr-2010, 18:47
Since no one has given you a better response - I'd call Marflex and see what Martin has to say. Sorry I don't have the # at hand but if you search here it should come up quickly.

15-Apr-2010, 21:11
Actually...just talked the student who dropped it -- she got a jewelery student to fabricate an identical piece We'll see! LOL!