View Full Version : REPOST Brass Lens Seminar NYC Next Weekend

Richard K.
15-Apr-2010, 06:15
I've posted this before, but in case anyone didn't see it or is now interested, there is a nice sounding seminar on Historic Lenses April 24 in NYC being put on by a couple of knowledgeable people in the field. You can get information on their web site (scroll down to April 24):


and I have posted a .JPG of their current listing below. Also, there is a good hotel, cheap, literally right next door:


Hope to see ALL of you there...:rolleyes: :D


Richard K.
15-Apr-2010, 08:33
Some of you may remember the previous post regarding this seminar and that the price was quite different. I have just spoken to Kelly at the Center for Alternative Photography and if you want to attend, phone her at (917) 288 0343 and she'll sign you up at the originally quoted price of $75 if you mention it. Truly a great deal. Cheers!