View Full Version : Help with Viewlex lens

14-Apr-2010, 00:22
Greetings everyone -

I still have this odd Viewlex lens (I guess it's a repro lens) and would like to know if anyone has any info on this beast. I would also like some advice as to whether it would behoove me to attempt to mount and shoot with it.

I doubt if it'd do anything for my 8x10 but the 4x5s may profit from something this odd, although this is just a guess.

The aperture setting would be pure guesswork, as there are no definite f-stops.

it is such a pretty lens in a cute velvet-lined case that I hate to just let it sit.

Any info is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Johnny :cool:

P.S. Sorry for the fuzzy hand-held pic but it's early morning and I'm rushing out the door in a few.