View Full Version : 150mm enlarging lens as taking lens?

Robbie Bedell
13-Apr-2010, 15:27
I have a 150mm 4.5 Rodenstock Rogonar enlarging lens I don't use any more on my D2 (I replaced it with a 135 Componon-S). I know the Rogonar is a Tessar design and I was wondering if it might work as a taking lens on my 4x5. I know, some are going to say 'try it first.' But it has quite a large diameter and I don't want to go drilling a giant hole in a perfectly good lens board if this is a stupid idea to begin with. Has anyone ever had any success with using an enlarging lens as a taking lens? I know it probably won't have much, if any, coverage. Please let me know....

Robbie Bedell
13-Apr-2010, 19:10
Make that a 150mm Rogonar-S. I know it's not a famed enlarging lens, but I really did not see anything bad about it.

13-Apr-2010, 19:39
Try it first.

Seriously though, I think it depends on your standards (see what I did there). I have a mystery 135mm tessar and I've shot it on my speed graphic and been quite happy...the boke is somewhat harsh-but-unique looking. Contrast is good compared to some of my other lenses. It doesn't stop down far enough (stops at f/22). No shutter, of course. I've actually been thinking I should use it more instead of the tominon 127 (my point of comparison) but it's usually left on the enlarger.

Gary Beasley
14-Apr-2010, 13:25
Enlarging lenses are often used for macro shots because of the optical geometry. Make a lensboard from heavy cardboard first and give it a try. If you like the results go all out with a good board.

Dan Fromm
14-Apr-2010, 14:57
Shutter, Robbie?

Robbie Bedell
14-Apr-2010, 15:49
Dan, No shutter. I thought I would do the lenscap thing for my Wisner. I do have a VERY old speed graphic I could try it on. I would have to make a board for it. The focal plane shutter works but the cloth is about cooked. Each time I fire it, it puts a bunch of black dust inside the bellows. I guess I'll play around and see what happens. I just wondered what the lens will do because I've sold all my 'modern' lenses.

Robbie Bedell
14-Apr-2010, 15:52
Dan, No, no shutter. I thought I would try it on my Wisner and do the lenscap thing. I do have a very old speed graphic I could try it on but the shutter curtain on that is about cooked. Each time I fire it, it puts black specks inside the camera. I would also have to make a lensbaord for it. I guess I will play around and see what happens. I've sold all my modern lenses!

Robbie Bedell
14-Apr-2010, 15:54
Sorry for the double post!

14-Apr-2010, 18:07
I think that it would be an interesting exercise!
Depends what type of photography you are doing, for instance landscape, where you usually want very high resolution, compared to portraiture, were you might want a softer look.
I have made boards out of cardboard, or wood, to try out a new lens that I didn't want to commit a "real" lens board to.
Good Luck!