View Full Version : April free entrance dates into U.S. National Parks.

Wayne Crider
13-Apr-2010, 07:24
This April there is free entrance into U.S. National Parks April 17th-25th celebrating Nation Parks week.


13-Apr-2010, 10:22
Thanks for the heads-up! (And it occurs to me that Earth Day’s 40th anniversary is April 22.) Those who enjoy avoiding crowds may think this the “worst” time to visit, but if you must enter fee areas to “leave the trail,” this is a chance to save money for more film and miss the busier pedestrian traffic, too. The best of both worlds. (I still toss change into “donation” bins at visitor centers, if I have to pick-up a wilderness pass.) This is the week I’ll be visiting the Sol Duc & Hoh River rain-forest valleys in Olympic National Park.

17-Apr-2010, 15:12
Thanks for the tip on free days. Had no idea!

gd whalen
18-Apr-2010, 17:43
Park Service needs all the money they can get. I never mind paying the entrance fee.