View Full Version : Maximum front rise on Chamonix 45N-1 with a Nikon 65mm?

12-Apr-2010, 16:43
Hi, I have posted a similar question earlier but it was under a different heading and came to a bit of a dead end. I have the Chamonix 45N-1 and was wondering if anyone had any experience using it with a Nikon 65mm f4 lens? I seem to run out of room when doing a front rise (mainly interested in architecture) and this is before the lens image circle runs out. Anyone had any experience with this?

Chamonix gives the specifications as 45mm of rise and 30mm of fall but with the universal bellows and this wide angle lens, the bellows gives pressure to the point where I don't want to force it anymore and as noted before, this is a long way before the lens image circle runs out.

Maybe I need the bag bellows/wide angle bellows with this lens?

I have attached an image that was using this exact combination. I think I also used a 0.6 Grad on it but it still looks like there is no vignetting that would be caused by running out of image circle. Or am I missing something here?

If anyone has any experience it would be greatly appreciated! Best Regards Joel

13-Apr-2010, 06:28
I use the same setup, but my 65mm is mounted on a recessed lensboard and my Chamonix has the "universal bellows", which I really like.

The combination of the 2 allow movements well past the limited image circle of this lens. I also have the bag bellows, but have no need to use it.

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14-Apr-2010, 00:24
Thanks for the response, much appreciated! So have you tried the Nikon 65mm with a flat board and not be able to do a front rise? This seems to be the case with mine. Is the significance of having a recessed board just mean that the front and back of the camera are further out from each other and therefore you can get more rise? Ok, thanks so much. Joel

14-Apr-2010, 00:46
Forgot to ask, what sized recessed board am I aiming for (in mm)? Are they all Copal 0? Any suggestions for a good generic brand? Ok, thanks again. Joel

Matus Kalisky
17-Apr-2010, 20:58
I use a Grandagon 75/4.5 N in a linhof recessed board on Tachi 4x5 to get some rise at all. I bough one generic recessed board (to save some money) first which did not work. It was drilled centrally with respect to the shape (circle) of the recession and the shutter did not fit inside. So I bought a second one and the recession was too large and did not the opening in the front standard of the Tachi at all.

So I invested in a used Linhof board which is a pain to use because it arrived with the shutter release adapter broken (those little things have PLASTIC bodies - what a shame!) and had to make some hand made "adapter" (a shame too, but it works).

The problem also is - as the shutter (thanks to the controls) is slightly asymmetric AND the front opening on the cameras that take standard Linhof lens boards is rather small - the hole for the shutter is shifted about 7mm DOWN what means that you have just lost these 7mm. Of course - one could mount the board on the camera upside-down to have the lens shifted upwards, but than the lens rear element did not fit in the camera front standard. So I actually won a rather little rise movement with all the hassle.

It is a pain to use anyhow as you nearly can only barely access the controls. If the Tachi would offer changing bellows I would go for it in a heart beat.

Should I be using the 75/4.5 lens more I would probably consider getting a different camera.