View Full Version : Graphic View 8X10 outfit on E-bongle

tom thomas
12-Apr-2010, 16:29
I just found this listing for what appears to be a nice Graphic View outfit. Check out listing 280491149951 at E-bungle. Price is $29 at the moment. The aluminum is worth at least that.

I'm not that "large of format" myself. Just thot someone might be interested. Red bellows et al.


12-Apr-2010, 18:13
It's actually just a 4x5 camera, I use the very same!

Craig Roberts
14-Apr-2010, 18:13
This is not an 8x10 but a 4x5. Nice camera, I owned one 30-years ago. I keep looking at these to purchase for nostalgia. Craig

tom thomas
15-Apr-2010, 13:53
Thanx for the correction on film size. Don't know what I was thinking at the time. The camera is still there, 0 bids, still at $29 with one day 5 hours to go. What I thought was a sleeping bag isn't apparently. It's a "cape."