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Aaron Ng
22-Feb-2002, 10:51
Does anyone know how many photographs Frederick Evans made of the cathedrals? Wh ere can one view a large collection of his work? Any book publication or good we bsite that's available? Thanks.

22-Feb-2002, 12:03
Aperture did a nice book.

Micah Marty
22-Feb-2002, 12:31
Brilliant work, isn't it? Don't think there's any website, but if you go to www.abebooks.com and type in "Beaumont Newhall" for the author and "Frederick Evans" for the title, you'll find plenty of people selling the Aperture book. The cathedral photographs in the book are to my eye absolutely beautiful and the book is well worth the relative pittance it's selling for used.

There's a quote from the book in this thread on photo.net:



Ron Gratz
22-Feb-2002, 13:45
Several of his cathedral photos were published in Stieglitz's "Camera Work". If you want to own an "original" Evans, check ebay as the photogravures from that journal are regularly on auction and I have seen - and purchased - an Evan's Cathedral photo.

Walter Glover
22-Feb-2002, 17:27
Country Life Magazine in England commissioned the blessed Frederick H. Evans to shoot a lot of cathedrals and homes throught Britain and France. They have a special publication of them.

F. H. E. fan,

Walter Glover

Sandy Sorlien
22-Feb-2002, 19:37
You did ask about cathedrals but if you want a stunning book of Evans's work try to find a copy of "The Chateaux of France" published by Country Life as Walter mentioned. Author of text is Marcus Binney, published in Great Britain 1994 by Mitchell Beazley/Reed Consumer Books Ltd. One of the finest books I own.

Aaron Ng
23-Feb-2002, 04:21
There seems to be quite a few websites but none offers detailed information about the photographer. I'll check out those books at the local library. Thanks again.

26-Feb-2002, 20:25
This is off the subject, but I recently read that Evans was a devoted user of Zeiss Protars. He had six for 8x10, with the 19" his favorite. He also used six with his 4x5, ranging from 4 1/2" to 14", all with Volute shutters.

Aaron Ng
28-Feb-2002, 00:09
Thanks again, guys (and Sandy too). Aaron